NFC-enabled PCB Business Cards

These always leave a lasting impression with their tap link feature!

February 7, 20242 min read
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I always get questions about these whenever I bring them out!
Since I love designing printed circuit boards, I thought it would be a neat idea to make a business card reflecting this passion and differentiate myself from my peers at professional networking events.
Like all my other projects, I started in Altium Designer and sketched out a rounded rectangular board shape the same size as a standard credit card.
I also wanted to incorporate my college colors into the design and realized that it would look great with JLCPCB's black substrate offering. Since gold is another one of our colors, I went with their ENIG service, which plated the exposed copper in gold.
I went through a few revisions of the design...
and finally settled on this:
I have a QR code in the corner that links directly to my website, and I also added a reprogrammable NFC chip to the right side. The NFC antenna is tuned specifically for this design, and to pay homage to my passion for designing circuits, I left the traces exposed.
Since I was already at college, I opted to use their assembly service to take care of soldering on the NFC chip. About a week later, they were at my doorstep, and here they are!
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