3D Printed Mechanical Keyboard

Praise AliExpress

August 19, 2021 1 min read
Post Feature Image

I don't even remember how I decided that I wanted a new keyboard. I looked online for a while, but most of the mechanical keyboards I liked were either outrageously expensive or didn't have most of the keys I used on a daily basis.

I stumbled on a design on Thingiverse that you build yourself. I went to everyone's favorite Chinese marketplace and ordered a ton of switches, diodes, and since it just had to light up, I ordered some specific RGB leds that fit in the keyswitches and I also ordered WS2812 boards for each LED to clean up the wiring.

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the build process, but here's a few photos of the inside. It took forever to wire up the LEDs. I really should have just designed a PCB to make it all easier.

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